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Technical Capabilities

With over  years of experience and providing world-class laboratory services in Nepal, NID is the only lab with different blood collection centers in Nepal . We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies, IT and quality norms to bring the best to our customers. With a highly experienced and qualified team of pathologists, biochemists, consultants, geneticists and paramedical staff, we have several full-fledged departments of laboratory medicine under one roof.


A fully equipped and automated biochemistry lab with several back-ups included performing even haemoglobin and protein electrophoresis tests to screen for basic abnormalities of proteins and haemoglobin of red cells. Prenatal screening tests for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 21 with Double, Triple and Quadruple markers testing ensure the expectant mother is screened for congenital abnormalities in children.

Our Microbiological services include routine, day-to-day diagnostic testing for infectious diseases to the latest specialized, esoteric testing required by other hospitals, integrating healthcare delivery networks, as well as serving as a centralized referral center for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. A wide range of services are available from our ISO accredited, fully integrated bacteriology and serology automated laboratory.

Flow cytometry technology is used to identify blood cancers and to ascertain CD4/ CD8 counts in HIV patients to assess their immunity.

Our department of histopathology is equipped with state of the art equipment with highly specialized, skilled diagnosticians to translate technology into valuable clinical insights and contribute to patient care. Extensive expertise in Anatomic and Histopathology including Nephropathology, Neuropathology Oncopathology, Hepatopathology and Cytology is offered.

Nova has gained a reputation for preparing excellent paraffin-embedded, hematoxylin and eosin stained sections as well as special stained sections. A wide range of specimens are handled with skilled expertise including bone marrow biopsies, surgical resections, and biopsies, dermatology biopsies, tissue obtained at autopsy, second opinion consultation, and a wide variety of research specimens.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.